What is ASO? : Why is App Store Optimization (ASO) important?

What is ASO Why is App Store Optimization (ASO) important
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As a resource application, ASO aims to increase rankings for apps or mobile applications from the inside of app stores like Google Play, Windows Store, and iTunes. These app-centric mobile phones include Android, Windows Phone, and iPhone or iPad.

Although the central purpose of ASO Strategy focuses on app downloads; yet, some of its secondary objectives include –

  1. Improving the exposure for a brand.
  2. Induce positive effects on reviews and ratings for an app.
  3. Public engagement.
  4. The excess variety of marketing channels.

With the growth in app downloads by increasing app store users; an estimated evaluation for 270 billion apps in 2017 was suggested by aso service provider Statista.com. The quantity witnessed a sufficient increase in comparison to the 2016s, 224.8 billion app downloads. ASO might even be a suitable prioritizing tactic against the contrasting differences between the worldwide increase of mobile devices and the decrease in social media in the last few months.

The Factors Involved in ASO

The app stores are more of a search engine within an enclosed site that depends upon –

  1. Simplified discoverability for app content.
  2. Indexing.
  3. Algorithms for ranking apps that deal with –
  • App quality perception
  • Newness
  • Brand standardization
  • Indicators of user value like engagement, reviews, ratings, etc.

For the purpose of increasing app store ROI; targeting increasing app visibility performance indicators by marketers are made possible through –

  1. Ranking
  2. Impressions
  4. Ratings or reviews engagement

ASO matches with SEO on app visibility optimization through a continuous developing procedure. The underlying objective behind building an app is driving traffic. To gain and keep up with the ranked position on the Play Store or App Store – the developer has to constantly keep track of the performance and results.

The baseline of ASO – Organic Optimization

The pair of vital constituents lacking in the delivery methodology of ASO marketing is organic search optimization and app store integration. Both SEO and ASO overlap with each other at a higher degree against their direct competition with one another. ASO can also work with most of the SEO procedures.

  1. Identity of the app, name of the app (its title), and its optimization with the URL.
  2. ASO keyword research.
  3. Review development and management with app rating.
  4. Mobile App Deep Linking
  5. Google SERPs (Search Engines Results Page) Apps Indexation
  6. Optimization of CTR (Click through rates)
  7. Among many others.

ASO Company India suggests that most people make a terrible mistake; when they fail to keep note of the referral visit; that drives the volumes to the app downloads section and the store page; for the integration of both SEO and ASO.

The website should be influential enough to guide individuals from the main online website; through the information searching and purchase funnel; to a readymade app store. The volume of quality, traffic, and downloads for an app is determined by the leveraging flexibility of the website content for app awareness; and discoverability through visibility and external app authority.

Tactics of the In-App Stores

App Stores

Over-estimation of the in-app store maximization value is unacceptable. According to Mobile App Marketing Services, direct app downloads from app stores contribute about 63%. In spite of the prevailing variations on the fields and store features; the focusing prime optimization options include – 

1. URL, App Name, and Subtitle

These areas must contain high-value keywords that can better predict the search pattern of the user. They must offer a vivid description of the app in a unique value-oriented manner.

2. Field/s for App Keywords 

Through proper traditional keyword optimization techniques, the developer needs to update the new user search queries. Updating these keywords with the present trends can help a business to remain on the top.

3.  Reviews and Ratings on an App

A suitable and functional framework that can generate daily reviews followed by proper developer replies. Thus there lies importance for rating, freshness, and volume.

4. App Downloads

The recognition, demand, and value for an app are directly related to the number of downloads for that app. The rate of downloads for an app determines higher visibility in the organic ranking of the app store.

Constant Update Apps

Constant Update Apps

The best apps that rank highest over the app stores are the ones that undergo constant developments. The developers review the feedback from their users, inculcate the current technologies, and strive to improve their apps further. The positive reviews tend to stick with the apps that go through frequent updates. The apps that are updated frequently can meet the needs of the general public while increasing their flexibility through improving app refinement. Google Play Store and Apple App Store ensure daily app updates on the ranking algorithm. Therefore, the in-store app ranking performance is directly proportional to the app product offering.

Five Additional Optimization Options for the App Stores

App Stores

There are five more tips that can help improve aso website optimization services –

1. Appropriate Keyword Usage – The keywords used in the title, description, and other fields in the App stores can help to improve app visibility. Therefore, remaining up-to-date with the best and frequently-used keywords can enhance optimization potentials and increase visibility.

2. Product Page Presentation

Downloads or conversion rate values are influenced by the presentation on the product page of the app store. For the generation of downloads, the CRO in the product page should be a key focus for the developers.

3. Pictorial Presentations

The impressions CTR or click-through rates are affected by the attached screenshots and thumbnail images of the app.

4. A/B Test

Undergo constant A/B Tests on the individual fields of the app stores. These tests can help improve field metrics like CTR or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). The tests provide all the minute information on the values from the optimization areas in the app stores.

5. Utilizing the Spotlight Search from Apple

Apple’s Spotlight Search helps users to look for their installed apps on their smartphones. Enabling the Spotlight Search from Apple can help the developer to affect app usage and the user engagement levels since individuals will experience frequent exposure to the app.

The importance of ASO

App store optimization is an efficient technique used on renowned app stores like Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store. ASO helps the user to obtain the application by placing its keywords on the search engine of the store. ASO fetches the apps or games based on those customer-centric keywords before the user. Therefore, ASO improves the search function of the app store to meet the requirements of the end-user.

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