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Instagram is a platform that has a working-class audience since it is quite popular amongst youngsters. These demographics are quite independent and influencing them is quite important. Since this platform has image marketing at its core, you need to be quite creative with your content. Our marketing team is quite handy with such techniques that will help you create a brand identity.

Being the top Instagram Marketing Agency in India, our dedicated team can create ad images and interactive captions to engage more visitors. Our ads will target the right people for maximum impact in business.


Instagram has over 500 million to 800 million active users who consume content on daily basis. There are many places for ad placement on the platform that is used by our marketing experts for maximum impact. The audience impacting from your marketing efforts add to your long list of loyal customers. Our Instagram management company helps you establish a robust online service.

Instagram Content Management

Our team of designers will help you create visually attractive images for ads along with a catchy copy.

Increase followers

Our social media community team will oversee the growth of follower base on your profile.

Instagram Ads

Ads put out by us will be highly targeted and will echo with the right audience.

Conducting location based targeting

The ad copy and image will be designed based on the location of your target audience base.

Generate Leads

The content we put out will increase engagement of your users with you hence increasing business.

Get App Installed

The CTA ads will have a simple button which will redirect your user to the play store page of your app.


Instagram posting is different than other platforms. Where in another platform you can schedule your post for later, Instagram needs to be instant. Here is how we can help you.

  • Content calendar: We will design a content calendar for your account to keep track on the content that is being published. This will eliminate any redundancies and conflict. So our content calendar will come in handy.

  • Post scheduling: We have tools that we employ for other clients as well. It allows us to schedule your posts during holidays and late nights. The copy and image get posted automatically which makes things easier for you.

  • Tool variety: We have a variety of tools under our sleeves which is useful for content management. We select the tool for you based on your budget. Although the delivery is same, we care about your wallet.


Instagram followers are the bread and butter of any profile. Our methods will ensure that your post reaches a larger audience. Here are some benefits of increased followers.

  • User engagement: The posts on Instagram will be engaging and catchy for the users. This will engage your audience on your post. This will also help you increase your followers which will eventually boost your business.

  • Lead generation: The posts will be on point and will call to action in an effective manner. This will spark the curiosity of your followers prompting them to your Instagram page and eventually to your website.

  • Quality traffic: The quality traffic from your Instagram followership will contribute in your business and will boost your profit. Hence the increased followers on Instagram will contribute to a quality traffic..


Premium Instagram ads are really helpful in targeting potential users who would follow your brand. With catchy content and images, we will be able to influence them.

  • Massive influence: Instagram ads have a wide reach which can turn influential for your business. The Instagram ads have a different method of showcasing the ads which makes it easier to advertise.

  • Competitor insight: We conduct an informed analysis of your competitor to gain insight on their audience to pitch your product/services. This tactic will allow you to gain more number of followers to your account.

  • Community building: Community building will be possible by targeting specific audience on the platform. The Instagram ads will also target audience based on location and preferences giving you a relevant follower list.


Location-based targeting will be useful if you have a physical store for your products and services. You can attract the audience living near you.

  • Local content: The localisation of content really comes in handy for location based targeting. Our copy and creative will be relatable with the audience based on where you are situated.

  • Increased conversion rates: If you also have an online services along with a store, it will compel the users to buy from you for faster deliveries. This will directly affect your conversion rate and your profit.

  • Increased footfalls: Since you can target users for any location you can convince your users to visit a nearby store. This will increase the footfall rate of your store through location based ad targeting.


Lead generation through social media is a popular practice. Users can contact you on social media asking for your help in availing of your services.

  • Quality traffic: The users who are interacting with you through your Instagram will be aware of the latest campaigns that your brand is running. This will clear any doubts in the user’s mind and you will see faster conversion.

  • User background: The user will contacting you through their Instagram account which will enable you to learn this user’s behaviour. This will also personalize the user’s experience with your brand and services.

  • Learning ground: The chats generated by this lead will be a learning ground for you. It will teach you how to and how not to approach a user. You improve your tactics perform better in the future.


App installation through Instagram has been the most effective way of advertisement in recent times. You can showcase your app capabilities through the ads.

  • App showcase: Since Instagram is a visually dominant platform it becomes easier for you to showcase your app. You can show how your app works and the advantages of installing your app.

  • Easy CTA: Instagram ads have a great CTA feature on both stories and posts. In posts they have an install now button which will redirect the user to the play store. Meanwhile in stories you’ve to swipe up.

  • Higher sales number: The probability of higher sale numbers is possible with the conversions generated from the app. By increasing the app installation numbers, you will also see an increase in profit as well.


Effective Instagram advertising solutions for your page based on your brand tone.
Relevant audience base for your online community for maximum user engagement.
Elaborate social media campaigns for your brand to achieve industry prominence.
Key stats
Generating quality traffic on your website by encouraging relevant users on social media.
Tried and tested methods for premium Instagram ads to maximize the impact.
Optimized content with targeted keywords to spread brand awareness.


Here at Digital Infoways, we offer these six values to our clients which sets us apart from others.

You are the Priority

The constantly expanding workforce will ensure the full capacity of the work ensuring the completion of your work regardless of the priority.

Honesty and Hard Work

We value honesty and hard work at Digital Infoways above everything else which has made us recognized as one of the loyal digital marketing agency in this industry.

Our Methods and Tactics

The strategies of our digital marketing company are well tested in the market which will deliver a definite spike in your business.

Cost-effective Project Management

We employ a series of cost-effective tactics that will help you get a good ROI on your website.

Satisfied Client Base

We have a rich client base that is happy with all the work that we are putting for their marketing efforts.

Flexible Working Models

We are flexible regarding our working model that can give us better results and new ways to execute our tactics.



Here are some proud work that we have done in the past.


Dmatic Solutions

Dmatic Solution is the Bulk SMS and E-mail Service company, based out in Gujarat.


Bukhari Agate

Bukhari Agate was a start-up e-commerce site when they entrusted us with the task of designing their website.

Saulat SEO Case Study

Dr Saulat is a renowned Powerful Spiritual Indian Healer and Psychic. They provide Love Spells: Magic Spells, White Magic, Black Magic, Talisman..etc..


Joile SEO Case Study

Joile is an online information service portal. They provide business solutions encompassing major sectors like health, eCommerce, entertainment, restaurants, and IT.



Listen to what our happy clients have to say about us.

Work quality is just remarkable. Their diligent and effective work helped us in growing our business. They accepted all the challenges open-heartedly and not only provided the solution but the response was quick and prompt. There is a substantial increase in revenue.

Robert Hensley

Thanks to the entire team for support and hard work. There were many loopholes in our website because of which we were not getting enough clients. The team rectified the whole website and within a short time, enough traffic was generated which enhanced the return on investment.

Rushil Shah

We have improved our SEO traffic. Kudos to the whole team. Trustworthy team with a strategic SEO Campaign plan. It gave us an edge over our competitors. Eagerly waiting to work in future.

Clinton Fryman

Digital Infoways revamped our website with colourful design and fonts. Customer-friendly and easily navigable e-commerce site. Speed has remarkably improved. So glad we chose Digital Infoways for our first website. It is performing very well.

Brent Williams

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