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Q How will your SEO agency improve my website ranking?

A We offer various onsite and offsite SEO services that will help you in this regard. We will also frequently check the various errors and responsiveness of your website. Testing the criteria of your site on UX is important. Regular keyword targeting and content upgradation are also some other ways. The continued and combined efforts help to improve the rankings.

Q How do I choose a SEO company for my business?

A SEO is a time consuming and consistent process. You are recommended to do basic research about the company. Please see your SEO company answers the following parameters to your satisfaction. i) How many years of experience the company has ii) See if they can provide you their case studies iii) What is their proven track record of over the years iv) Online reviews v) Their rate of client retention

Q How much do you charge for SEO?

A We have various packages that you can choose from depending upon your business size and goals. From small, medium, big-sized companies to start-ups we have many packages for every business.

Q What SEO strategies do you use ?

A Marketers come across this question frequently. SEO is not only about strategic placing of keywords. It is a deeper procedure. SEO has to be backed by backlinks and certifications from authorised domains. We implement SEOs throughout campaigns. The website is monitored for frequent checks to validate the implemented strategy.

Q Why do I need to hire a company to optimise my website needs for only once?

A Firstly, SEO is not a one-time chore. It needs to be done frequently. The content needs regular updation with the right structuring of keywords according to the changing criteria. A company with experience and knowledge can only guide you.

Q What Digital Marketing strategies do you work on?

A Digital Marketing is a communication and technology based service used to enhance your business goals on the web and new media. We do SEO, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc.

Q What are the tools used for Digital Marketing?

A Digital Infoways uses some of the following tools for digital marketing: Sprout SocialGoogle Adwords, SEM Rush, HootSuite, Keyword Planner and Google Analytics. Apart from these we use many other tools.

Q How will Digital Infoways build my digital image that other agencies cannot?

A Digital branding only gives your products and services the online space. For their improved online visibility, we will craft a robust digital marketing strategy. Our effective digital marketing will boost your sales, online reputation and traffic. We have over a decade of experience handling start-ups and established companies. Our experienced team is our strength. We are one of the pioneer digital marketing companies in India.

Q What services do a digital marketing company offer?

A A reliable digital marketing company offers many services like content writing, content marketing, social media marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO, PPC marketing, social media handling and blogs, web design & development, mobile app development, video marketing and others.

Q What are the best PPC strategies?

A PPC stands for Pay Per Click. It requires strong strategies for ROI. Though strategies vary from business to business, some of common strategies we use are: I) We redesign the web pages to make them mobile friendly II) Releasing the ads on multiple platform, depending upon your budget III) We first experiment the ads on similar audiences on Google and Facebook.

Q How to determine the PPC costs?

A There are no fixed costs to show for ads to appear at the top of appear results. The costs are determined by the website ranks, the competitive bids and auction for each site.

Q Why will I choose your company?

A We are one of the reliable and best PPC marketing agencies in India. Our proven track record shows, on every dollar spent we help you achieve 2 dollars of ROI at the least.

Q What is the best Social Media Strategy?

A There is no defined Social Media Strategy. The strategy however will depend upon your target customer, business goals and metrics of that specific social media platform.

Q What are the objectives of Social Media Marketing?

A i) Brand building, awareness and reputation management ii) Drive traffic towards website or business microsites iii) Keeping an eye on your competition iv) To create brand engagements.

Q How does your social media agency work?

A These days everybody has little knowledge about social media. So, it's crucial as a company we are able to give to you value for your money. To name a few, we do promotions, branding, reputation management, audience engagements, track consumer behaviours and keep an eye on competitors.

Q What are the charges for SMM?

A The charges depend on your business size, expectations and budget. We offer various packages. Contact us to know more on our services.



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Work quality is just remarkable. Their diligent and effective work helped us in growing our business. They accepted all the challenges open-heartedly and not only provided the solution but the response was quick and prompt. There is a substantial increase in revenue.

Robert Hensley

Thanks to the entire team for support and hard work. There were many loopholes in our website because of which we were not getting enough clients. The team rectified the whole website and within a short time, enough traffic was generated which enhanced the return on investment.

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We have improved our SEO traffic. Kudos to the whole team. Trustworthy team with a strategic SEO Campaign plan. It gave us an edge over our competitors. Eagerly waiting to work in future.

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Digital Infoways revamped our website with colourful design and fonts. Customer-friendly and easily navigable e-commerce site. Speed has remarkably improved. So glad we chose Digital Infoways for our first website. It is performing very well.

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