5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Results

5 Ways to Improve Your SEO Results
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In the 21st Century, online traffic and leads are the two most vital components in achieving success in the digital business ground. The digital brands and business forums need to rank high in the search engines. Therefore, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ranking carries great importance to explore new possibilities for your website. Irrespective of whether you have a new website or an old one, there are always scopes to improve your SEO results.

There are many SEO Services Agency India offering Guaranteed SEO Services. It would help if you have a clear idea regarding the SEO services to improvise them.

The blog aims to discuss the ways and methods that can better your website SEO results. But, before we go for a detailed analysis on the Search Engine Optimization Results, let us see the top Google ranking factors used by the search engines to find a service or a product before the users.

Ranking Factors of Google:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Link Relevance
  • Content Quality
  • Keywords in Title
  • Keywords in Content
  • Loading Speed
  • Accessible Design

The demand for SEO services is constantly changing. Each of these factors is equally essential to improve any website’s search engine optimization results. You might hire an SEO Expert to keep balance with the latest trends and developments and upgrade your SEO services accordingly.

This segment will focus on the five ways to improve your SEO results,

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1. Mobile-First Website

Mobile-First Website

Since the beginning, Google’s indexing process has been completely based on desktop, which sometimes appeared to be an obstacle before the developers. Google introduced the Mobile-first index two years back in 2019. With this move, now the search engines can use the mobile phone as a base. As a result, the websites, which are not optimized for mobile use, can suffer from traffic downfall. As per Google, sites with only desktop versions will be indexed, and they won’t be damaged if they have quality content.

Google has published a document with multiple methods and techniques to better a mobile site. The techniques are as followed,

  • Use the “click to call” button
  • Keep the menu precise
  • Make the ‘Go back’ process easy
  • Make the search field more visible
  • Allow users to browse through the site without any registration
  • Facilitate inclusion of important information
  • Show up the information at an average size

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2. Usage of Keywords

Usage of Keywords

The function of keywords resembles that of a bridge – between the company website and the audiences. Users worldwide make above 100 million searches on Google every day, and on a definite note, there lies a problem behind every single search. If your company can solve a particular problem, that should reflect in the title, URL, or content.

You need to use descriptive URLs that comprise the essential keywords for a better understanding of the users. The company website must avoid creating URLs with codes and parameters of the product or service model.

Consumers feel more comfortable and secure when you share the links on your website with individual contact details. Therefore, it is necessary to optimize the content with keyword-associated title, description, and URL to rank high in Google. You can look at the usage of keywords of the certifier companies that rank high in the search engine for their practical and effective use of keywords and follow their pathways to improve your SEO performance and results.

3. Page Loading Speed

The page loading speed serves an essential role in the SEO ranking of your company. In this fast era, no one likes a slow website; how valuable content it may have. Google introduced “The Speed Update” option in 2018. Since then, the speed of the websites on smartphones has begun to impact the organic ranking in the searches.

Page loading speed not only upgrades the search ranking, but the speed also influences the users’ experiences. We will present some research data and information before you to reinforce this aspect.

  • In a survey by NP Digital, the developers have noticed 40% of the users leave the page in case the page takes more than 3 seconds to be loaded.
  • Bounce’s research has reported that most users from different corners of the world have acknowledged that the page speed impacts their choices to buy from a site.
  • Nearly 20% of digital marketers think that loading speed does not impact conversion. So, you can make a difference at this point and leave your competitors behind in the race.

You can scale the loading speed of your Digital Marketing Company site with ‘Page Speed Insights’ and improve accordingly. The sooner the users can load your web page, the better the success will be. You must optimize your site to the maximum limit to reduce the loading time.

4. Content


You need to keep a sharp eye on the content you use for your website. You should think wisely before you structure the content for your company website. The first thing one must remember is that the structures of the internet and books are not identical. Like books, if you write long texts replete with information and data, users may find the content monotonous and ignore the content. People usually do many things on the internet simultaneously. Users may browse through the site between their chats with family and friends on the social media platforms, so they need to scan the information on a quick note.

It will help if you create your content precisely and attract attention. Users find informative yet simple contents to access much data at a short period. If they do not find so, they will switch to another page or website. You may use some elements to make your content more handy and helpful.

  • Headings and Subheadings
  • Small Paragraphs
  • Bullet Points
  • Use Bold and Italics to highlight a word or phrase
  • Incorporate images and videos

5. Redirects 


Organic reach in the Google ranking is one side of the coin. On the opposite side, if you want your audience to spend more time browsing through your website, be ready with the information they search for. Redirect is a server-based configuration to switch to one link from another. In this context, you can use the most widely used 301 or 302 redirects.

A 302 Redirect is not permanent. In that case, you tell your search engine that you implement a change in URL ‘A’ (one link) and, for this reason, you need to redirect the users temporarily to URL ‘B’ (another link).

A 301 Redirect is permanent. Here, you will tell your search engine to consider the new page only by receiving the notes and all. The new page will be enriched with the authority of the old page.

To Conclude,

The blog has discussed the five most important ways to improve your search engine results and enhance your organic ranking in Google. You can implement some of the methods mentioned above on your own, and some may need the assistance of an SEO expert or a marketing team. If you are interested in a detailed consultation on this topic, you can contact our expert team of Digital Infoways.

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