YouTube Video SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2022?

YouTube Video SEO: How to Rank YouTube Videos in 2022?
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Gaining popularity on the second largest search engine, YouTube, is not an easy task. It may seem incomprehensible to understand, but there is a reason why some videos get thousands of views while others struggle to reach the bare minimum. If you are still wondering about the reason, the answer is simple – YouTube SEO. If you want to boost the growth of the YouTube channel, you must optimize the videos. It is indeed possible to get higher rankings in the list of YouTube videos. For that, opting for the assistance of the best YouTube marketing company in India is a great idea.

How to get a higher ranking in YouTube videos in 2022?

It is actually possible to obtain a higher ranking on YouTube videos. However, to get the best results, you must hire the best Social media marketing company. The experts have a better idea about the domain and can offer assistance accordingly. Take a look at the tips –

  • Choose the focus keyword

YouTube keyword research

One of the best ways to optimize YouTube videos is to choose the focus keyword. For that, you can take help from keyword research tools. Using any of the tools available will offer detailed insight on the keyword you want to make a video on. Moreover, you will also get an idea of the trending keywords. That makes it easier to create the video and entice viewers into watching it. Keep in mind that if the keyword in your video matches the search term used, you will get a higher ranking on the list of suggested videos.

  • Use a unique title for the video

After choosing the best keywords, you need to focus on choosing the best title for the video. It is crucial to understand that the video title must be close to the search terms that are often used on YouTube. Insert keywords within the YouTube video title in order to increase the ranking of the video. Make sure that the video title has an average of 47-50 characters. Videos with longer titles do not tend to hold user attention for long.

  • Customize the video description

Customize the video description

Before uploading the video, it is essential to make sure that you have an accurate description. The text accompanying the video must offer adequate information about the video in order to cause intrigue. You can extend the description to 5000 characters (maximum). Using an apt title serves dual functions. Firstly, it persuades the users to view the video, and secondly, it will aid in the identification of your video by the YouTube algorithm. Make sure to add CTAs in the description for better results.

  • Use the correct tags

Including the right tags is essential to getting better rankings on your YouTube video. Integrating the keywords in the description and title of the video is not enough. However, it is essential to understand that tags are not seen by viewers. It is specifically dedicated to YouTube’s reference. You can add multiple variations of the keywords you choose for tags. The words or phrases you use don’t have to be specific or particular. You need to keep an eye on the tags that your competitors are using. That will help you get a better ranking in the ‘Up Next’ section.

  • Use keywords within the file name

You can improve the YouTube SEO of your video even before uploading it on the platform. You need to include the keyword within the file name of the video. Use a descriptive name along with the keyword in the file name. It is much better than using numbers and codes. It will help YouTube to identify the video content by the file name. Now, this may seem trivial, but will actually help you gain better rankings.

  • Choose the right video category

YouTube offers a feature that allows you to select categories to upload the YouTube video into it. That way, any user can use the search term to get the desired videos. You can use sections while uploading the video to YouTube. That makes it easy for viewers to discover your video. Make sure that you select the right category while making the decision.

  • Focus on producing a compelling script

Now, it is vital for the YouTube video to come across as a spontaneous and engaging interaction. But is this actually possible without a well-written script? While most argue that being natural is essential, understanding that capturing the audience’s attention fast is crucial. You just have a few seconds before the viewer decides if they want to actually see the full content or not. That is why it is vital to get rid of the ‘ahs’ and ‘yeahs’ while shooting the video. You don’t want to lose audience attention in an attempt to be a natural in making videos.

  • Develop captions and transcriptions

Did you know that algorithm YouTube uses cannot read videos or images? Yes, that’s right! The algorithm only identifies codes and texts. Therein lies the importance of captions and transcriptions. In essence, transcriptions are actually subtitles or text transformations of the video content. For this, you can opt for the YouTube tool, or you can do this on your own. Moreover, you can also turn the transcriptions into captions by including timestamps. That way, users can view the video without activating the audio. You might think working on these aspects is trivial, but they can actually aid in obtaining a higher ranking on YouTube SEO.

  • Create exciting thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails

Thumbnails are one of the most critical aspects of YouTube SEO. Viewers tend to rely strongly on visual information before watching any video. That is exactly why you need to pay special attention while selecting the title and thumbnail for the video. While YouTube does assign an automatic thumbnail, using it is not a good idea. If you really want to attract user attention, the image and the text used must be unique and compelling. Keep in mind that an increase in the click-through rate will have an impact on the YouTube SEO ranking.

  • Develop playlists

YouTube has an amazing feature known as Playlists. Here, you can group videos that are similar and present them to the viewers. The best part is that, within a playlist, the videos play automatically one after the other. That means a viewer wishing to see only one video might end up seeing a lot more. Another exciting way to collaborate with other YouTube content creators is to ask them to include your videos in their playlist and vice-versa. However, you need to make sure that they know they will be getting benefits from the arrangement too.


Without a doubt, YouTube is one of the most-viewed video platforms. The level of competition that you find here is unparalleled. That is why businesses need to optimize their YouTube videos and improve their YouTube SEO for better ranking and end goals. That is the only way to increase the reach of the videos and gain more profits. However, to attain the desired result, you must opt for the help of the leading YouTube marketing company in India.

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