App Development Costs in 2022: Average Mobile App Development Costs in India

App Development Costs in 2022: Average Mobile App Development Costs in India
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There is no denying fact that creating an app is a mandatory step for you to grow your business. In this digital marketing era, it is the only way by which you can boost your business by connecting with millions of customers, making a big profit, and gaining a reputation globally. These are the main reasons for which most business owners are now giving so much importance to developing an app, especially mobile app development. Now the question is why should you opt for mobile app development for your business? It is because the number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly in recent times. So if you have determined to develop a mobile app, the first thing that you should know is the Mobile App Development Cost in India in 2022.

Which Factors Determine a Mobile App Development Cost?

mobile app cost factors

A recent study shows that the number of mobile phone users is growing rapidly which is expected to reach an enormous number of 7 billion by the end of the year 2022. The mobile app development process comprises several steps depending on the size and type of your project. So there is no fixed amount of developing a mobile app, but there are some factors that must be included while getting an idea about How Much it Costs to Make an App in India, which include:

  • Application type:

    There are several types of mobile apps available in the online platform completely different from one another in their types and functionalities. For example e-commerce apps, social networking apps, tracking and monitoring apps, education apps. The development cost is different for different types of mobile apps.

  • App Functionality:

    The cost of mobile app development highly depends on the functionalities. It means what type of functions the app is going to offer to the customers. A simple app with basic functionalities will demand fewer prices than that complex mobile app with large functionalities.

  • App Platforms:

    The mobile app development costs also largely depend on the platforms on which it is going to support.

  • Third-Party Integration:

    It is one of the major factors determining a mobile app development cost.

  • Technology Uses

    Different types of technologies such as NFC Technology, GPS Navigation, Motion sensors, AR Technology, affect the cost of building a mobile app for your business.

  • App Maintenance Plan:

    As a business owner, you must want to launch your mobile app as soon as possible, or sometimes you just need some updates about the overall market of your business and many more. So is important for you to opt for a business plan service from a development company, which should be also included in your mobile app development costs.

    1. Different Types of Mobile App Development:

The formula that you can refer to while calculating a mobile app development cost is Features Development Time, Hourly Rate. Here you can find two important factors, the hourly rate of developers you hire and the type of app you are developing.

There are mainly two types of mobile app versions: OS Mobile App Version and Android Mobile App Version.

  • IOS App Development costs:

    IOS apps development cost is less than Android App development, though there is more hosting cost for IOS apps. At the same time, IOS apps are faster to build. IOS platforms are more interactive and easier to use in general.

  • Android App Development Costs:

    Though the development cost of Android app is more than IOS apps still there are more Android users than IOS users for various reasons Android apps have lower maintenance costs and lower costs per download in comparison to IOS apps.

Here look at the below table to get a rough idea of how much does it cost to develop various types of mobile app:

App Type Estimate Cost Time
Mobile App $15,000-$300,000 1,200h
iPhone App $50,000-$300,000 1,200h
Android App $50,000-$300,000 1,200h
Web App $60,000-$300,000 1,200h
Startup App $32,000-$400,000 1,600h
Taxi App (Uber) $32,000-$400,000 1,600h
Game App $30,000-$250,000 1,600h
Retail App $50,000-$150,000 1,200h
Augmented Reality App (AR) $100,000-$250,000 1,600h
eCommerce App $30,000-$250,000 1,600h
Social Media App (Instagram) $24,000-$300,000 1,200h
Business App $50,000-$200,000 1,200h
Learning App (DuoLingo) $18,000-$225,000 900h
Video Streaming App $30,000-$300,000 1,600h
Restaurant App $20,000-$150,000 900h
Community App $18,000-$150,000 900h
Shopify App $20,000-$180,000 900h
Dating App $28,000-$350,000 1,400h,
Food Delivery App $20,000-$150,000 900h,
Hybrid App $40,000-$200,000 1,200h
Healthcare App $45,000-$300,000 1,200h
Typical App $40,000-$300,000 1,200h


2. In-House Mobile App Development or Outsourced Mobile App Development:

This is one of the most important factors that can create a maximum impact while determining the cost of app development especially Mobile App development Cost India. Though developing a mobile app with an in-house development team is more economical than opting for outsourcing a mobile app development service, still, it is recommended to do a detailed analysis before making the final decision. It is because quality should be given more priority than quantity. So if you have a sufficient budget, you must develop your mobile app with full-fledged functionalities.

Here look at the below table that shows country-wise mobile app development cost, so that you can choose the best option between In-House Mobile App Development service and Outsourced Mobile App Development service that suits your budget.

Region Hourly rate, $
United States (USA) 120-150
United Kingdom (UK) 100-120
Australia 100-120
Western Europe 80-100
Eastern Europe 30-50
India 20-30


3. Mobile App Maintenance Cost:

It is obvious that like most of the other web services, mobile apps also demand maintenance. Now let’s discuss the different factors responsible for determining mobile app maintenance costs.

  • Hosting:

    Hosting is such a space where all the files of a mobile app get stored. It can be various things including photos, videos, audio, media, or texts. If you hire an app development company, it can charge you an average mobile app maintenance cost between 70$ to 400$.

  • Mobile App Monitoring:

    It is also very important to monitor an mobile app so that you can make sure that your app is working properly. Though there are no fixed prices for mobile app monitoring services, still it can charge between 100$ to 500$.

  • Regular Mobile App Updates:

    with the changing world, it is very important to update your mobile app, so that you can consistently achieve a successful business position in this highly competitive age of digital marketing. So when there is any up gradation released by any platform, you must need to implement these factors in your mobile app. So it is very necessary to plan for updating your mobile app regularly which includes some costs.

  • License or Membership Update:

    The multiple sources that are needed to build a mobile app also need a membership or licensing. So if you are going to hire a web development company to develop your mobile app, make sure you have updated your membership or license.

    4. App Features and their Complexity:

  1. If you want to estimate a more accurate Mobile App Development Cost India, look for the number of features and functionalities implemented in your app. It is obvious that if you opt for more complex features, it will increase the overall mobile development cost. As you have already come to know about the formula (Features*Development time * Hourly Rate) of calculating the mobile app development cost, you can now easily calculate the cost according to the functionalities of your app. Let’s have a look at some of the basic and complex features of a mobile app with an approximate time to develop each so that you can calculate the cost.

Some of the basic features that you can include in your mobile app include:

  • User Login:

    Login is an important feature of an app as it determines the customization of an app. If you want to implement this basic feature into your mobile app, it will take 20+ hours.

  • Navigation:

    This basic feature defines the flow of users so that you can get an idea of how they perform several activities in the app. It takes 10+ hours to implement this feature in your app.

  • Chat:

It has become an important feature of modern apps. It takes 50+ hours to develop and add this feature to your app.

  • Search:

    Search This feature can help the users to search inside the app quickly. It takes 15+ hours to implement this feature into an app.

Now look at some of the complex features:

  • Payment Integration:

    It is necessary to implement payment functionalities if you offer your customers something to purchase something within your app. Some of the available payment systems that you can implement in about 50+ hours such as Google Wallet, Apple Pay, Paypal, Credit Cards, etc.

  • Geolocation:

    It is important for some specific apps like food delivery, transportation, dating, business app, etc. It takes 30+ hours to be implemented

The Bottom Line:

So, you have surely got an idea of How Much it Costs to Make an App in India. Now don’t waste your time hiring a web development agency to develop your mobile app for your business purpose because your business whether small, medium, or large demands for a mobile app to interact with your customers directly to turn them into potential customers.

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