Top Pay Per Click (PPC) Companies in 2022

Top Pay per Click (PPC) Companies – 2022
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In today’s technologically upgraded era, PPC Companies serve a vital role in the context of the online business forum. PPC marketing is an efficient and robust tool to draw more traffic and enhance online visibility. The majority of digital businesses in India use PPC features as powerful marketing strategies to achieve the ultimate business goal.

PPC (Pay per Click) agencies guide the digital business platforms to target their potential customers. The PPC companies help the online brands to create ads and campaigns to meet their targeted ROI (Return on Investments). The primary function of a PPC Marketing Company is to create strategies, manage content, and keep regular observations to boost a company’s leads, traffic and revenue.

The top-notch PPC companies help online brands and companies with keyword research, budget fixation, targeted audiences, competitor research, campaign planning, etc. This blog will focus on the top PPC companies of India in 2021.

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1. Digital Infoways

digital infoways

Digital Infoways is a famous and influential digital marketing agency in India. The professionals of the company are certified with specialized degrees in individual sectors of digital marketing services. PPC marketing service is one of the specialties of the company. DI aims to boost revenue and online leads.

The company has its clients across barriers. PPC Marketing Agency guides online business companies to draw potential customers through the right search engine optimization features. Digital Infoways use the Google Adword Agency India to enable the PPC campaigns to reach a wider audience via paid ads and campaigns. People all over the country can easily find out the ads by using keywords or search engines. In addition, GAA helps advertisers to display their ads on various online platforms.

Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, ASO, PPC, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Web development company, Logo Design, Website Design, Social Media Marketing


Contact No: 91 9909054700

2. VeiView Solutions

Veiview Solutions is a Hyderabad-based PPC Marketing Company that conducts campaigns based on the business category and potential audiences to meet the client’s needs. The marketing company excels in creating PPC (Pay per Click) advertisements to scale the performance and boost the marketing campaigns to be successful. The PPC Marketing Agency encourages the companies’ rapid development in the digital business ground.

The PPC Agency is enriched with specialized professionals in different sectors like PPC, SEO, Customer handling, Localization, etc. The company serves a significant role in conversions.


Contact No: 91 966 6753336, 040 67975511

3. EZ Rankings 

ez rankings

EZ Rankings is one of the leading and most promising PPC Marketing Agencies in India. The company is top-rated among the clients of its friendly and supportive approach. Unlike other contemporary PPC companies, EZ Rankings aims to provide high-quality services and meet customer satisfaction. The company holds a top-class portfolio with high-level clients. The marketing agency stands in a good position in the PPC marketing world due to its creative and innovative perspective.

The company focuses on generating more traffic and leads for its client companies. The PPC Marketing Agency makes use of every possible way to make the services better and more effective. The company incorporates powerful SEO and backlink strategies to improve performance. The high-class backlinks are,

  • Quality-based
  • Relevant
  • Reliable
  • Innovative
  • Keyword-specific

The backlinks are customized based on the client’s demand. As a result, the company is on a high progress rate with the best results.


Contact No: 91 956 0133711

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4. Bruce Clay

The 1996 setup Bruce Clay is one of the top-notch SEO companies specializing in PPC (Pay per Click) services. The company holds a rich commercial history with its best PPC services. The company experts offer paid consultations on PPC services and campaigns.

Services: Social Media Marketing, content development, etc.


Contact No: 91 124 414 3291


SEO Com is a decade-old Digital Marketing Agency that helps online brands and businesses to reach their economic goals. The company professionals and experts have been working with entrepreneurs to large business firms. The company has achieved global recognition with its promising and guaranteed services. deals with different types of companies all around. The past and present clients of the company include Dell, Cookies, H&R Block,, Mrs. Fields, etc. The company guides ambitious and foresighted business people to draw more revenue.

Services: Link Building, Awareness Building, Web Traffic, Content Development, Customer Bond, Boosting sales, etc.


Contact No: 800 351 9081

6. IndeedSEO

IndeepSEO is a famous SEO company in India with its creative and innovative services. The company retains transparent communications with the clients. The 2014 company serves different clients worldwide, and the company experts offer several successful ventures to the clients to make the online business projects successful. The advanced and innovative solutions provided by the company attract numerous clients from different corners of the world.

Services: Visual design, genuine content, significant interaction, etc.


Contact No: 9878102900

7. iProspect India

iProspect India comprises specialists in different sectors of digital marketing services. The company prioritizes customer demand the most. The company, with its effective PPC campaigns, connects to a large number of audiences across the platforms. The company aims at the generation of leads and traffic on the part of a company.

The company helps clients with cost-effective strategies. The company’s strategic, well-planned and creative approaches help you reach your goal through PPC ads.


Contact No: 91 8149343848

8. Page Traffic

page traffic

The origin of Page Traffic dates back to 11 years. The company works with a trained team of nearly 100-150 professionals. The company conducts nearly 400 campaigns and ads per month. The company focuses on quality over quantity. As a result, the company helps the clients to earn more ROI. The company offers services from petite to large companies irrespective of business ground. The company focuses on the client’s demands and expectations.


Contact: 91 9212521444

To conclude, the blog has provided us with the details regarding the PPC Marketing companies mentioned above. Hope the blog helps you.

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