Top Golang Frameworks for Developers

Top Golang Frameworks for Developers
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Golang is a popular name among the open-source programming languages of Google, which is particularly well-known for its excellent capabilities in developing easy-to-use, well-structured, and extremely secure software with its excellent Golang API Framework. The most striking features that make Golang popular among developers across the world are its optimum safety of memory, systematic typing, garbage collection, and many more. In addition, the programming language of Golang is almost similar to C, which makes it more adaptable for the developers. So as a developer, you must know how popular Golang is as a programming language. Again, the constant upgrades in the Golang framework also make it acceptable to most software developers. The year 2021-2022 also witness some of the best Golang REST API Framework 2022 that are more efficient for building larger apps.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Golang as a Programming Language?

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Golang as a Programming Language

Do you know there are some of the reputed companies like Uber, Google, Twitch, Medium, and Fabric that have accepted Golang in their web App Development? Yes, that’s true. It is because of its constant launching of new and ungraded frameworks.  Like most of the other Golang frameworks, the best Golang Front-end Framework also offers several advantages over other programming languages including:

1. Comprehensible:

If it is an easy to learn programming language. If you have the knowledge of C or Java, you can easily learn Golang.

2. Reliable:

Golang contains Goroutines, which take up only 2 KB of memory. It allows the apps to run smoothly even on older devices.

3. Pace:

Golang is faster than many other languages such as Python, Java, etc. In addition, the advanced capability of Golang enables the processor to comprehend the code quickly. It results in the increasing speed of completing a project.

4. Static:

Golang programming language helps programmers to detect bugs easily. In addition, the in-built lists and maps of Goalng can be used to integrate into the web app.

Some of the Top Golang Web Frameworks of 2022-2023:

Some of the Top Golang Web Frameworks of 2021-2022

Let’s check out the best Golang Rest API Framework 2022:

1. Buffalo:

Buffalo can be the one-stop solution for all your web-app development. It can be your reliable helping hand in your long-run web app development journey. Now know about some striking features of Buffalo:

  • It is a fast and quick web app development
  • It can reload quickly
  • It can keeps close eye on .HTML and .go files
  • It is featured with live changes
  • It is featured with Bolster Data Migration
  • It has an active large community

2. Goji:

Goji is well known to programmers because of its simplicity. It enables a programmer to produce desired outcomes. It is also known as the HTTP request multiplexer, similar to net/HTTP.ServeMux. Now look at the features of Goji:

  • It is lightweight and simple
  • It can integrate middleware stack
  • It comprises URL pattern
  • It is compatible with lean API
  • It is featured with Web-socket support
  • It has seamless shutdown abilities
  • Goji can be an ideal selection for the absolute number of mobile app development companies as it can work efficiently on different web projects 

3. Mango:

It is such a web framework that is operable by millions of users, but not maintained actively. The most fabulous thing about this framework is its modularity. It can help you to build reusable modules of HTTP functionality effortlessly. The functionalities of Mango include;

  • It is applicable to all categories of web development projects.
  • It allows the developers to select stuff from an option of libraries.
  • It works with several applications and middlewares.

4. Gin Gonic:

It is one of the leading Golang frameworks of Google. It is considered a minimalistic framework as it can possess the most needed libraries and features. It is a suitable framework for building high-performing Rest APIs. Thus it has emerged as one of the best Golang API Framework that can work with straightforward design rules. The top features of Golang include:

  • It is a performing Rest API
  • It uses an HTTP router for quick app development

5. Gorilla:

Gorilla has emerged as the biggest Golang Front end Framework, which is characterized as the longest-running framework with a large community. The features include:

  • It has a large community
  • It is well known for its scalability and modularity
  • It is featured with Bolster WebSockets
  • It is efficient for Web App Development
  • It is a minimalistic Golang framework

6. Martini:

Despite being a small and lightweight framework, Martini is a powerful Golang framework that the developers can use to add new services to existing apps with its striking features including:

  • It includes Handlers and Middlewares
  • It has an active but small community
  • It is an easily integrated framework, which can efficiently integrate with Third-party
  • It supports Documentation

7. Beego:

It is one of the rapid web app development frameworks, which is popularly known as Bee. It does not look for any third-party library integration. Bee can be used for any kind of modification in the code. In addition, It has proved to be saved a lot of development hours due to its logging framework. Thus it helps a developer to make to complete the project faster. The features of Beego include:

  • It is a rapid web app development framework
  • It does not need any third-party library
  • It can save a lot of time for a developer
  • It integrates with ORM
  • It is featured with a built-in cache handler

As a lightweight programming language, it can also be used for generating APIs that can interact with front-end applications. It is a great tool for creating small functional microservice quickly. Golang is the best option for beginners as it is an easy language.

8. Gocraft:

It is one of the popular Golang frameworks with attractive features:

  • It has built-in middleware, that helps to write and add additional functionality in the web application
  • It is an ideal framework for high-performing application
  • It is easy to write and simple

9. Revel:

Revel in such a framework that does not require installation. There are several built-in plugins and middleware that make Ravel one of the most popular Golang REST API Framework 2022 among developers. The features of Ravel include:

  • It is a full-fledged framework
  • It does not need Third-party plugins, Middleware, or setup
  • It has a large and active community


It has a tree routing system which enables you to do a lot of routine with its striking features including:

  • It is simple and easy to use
  • It is lightweight
  • It is featured with Bolster Tree Routing
  • go is restricted to necessary features


Though Golang is comparatively new in the field of programming language, which is going through a number of development phases still now, it has already become a popular programming language because of its several advantages. So as a developer, it is important for you to dive deep into this popular programming language with its latest Golang API Framework.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs):

1. Which Golang framework is the best?

If you are a beginner at Golang, then Gin can be the best option for you as it is more straightforward and simple.

2. Do you need any web framework for Golang?

Some may say that Go is not suitable for web development, but this is not right, as language does not rely on any big framework. In addition, Golang is featured with the great standard library.

3. How much does it cost to develop a web app?

The cost of developing a web app depends on several factors including development platform, functionalities, applied strategy, security, maintenance, expertise etc.

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