Why Should You Move to Google Analytics 4: 5 Powerful Features of Google Analytics 4

Why Should You Switch To Google Analytics 4
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If you are a business owner having a strong digital presence of your business through an app or website; it is obvious that you have come across Google Analytics at some point. For business owners, Google Analytics has proved to be the best way to track and record website traffic, and sources along with other real-time statistics on how your users interact with your site. Over the years, Google’s Standard Universal Analytics has gone through many updates and revamps resulting in the advent of Google Analytics 4. It offers a modern approach that is not a one-stop-shop layout for all your website analytics, rather it focuses solely on tracking website activity over a specific amount of time which is known as a session. Google Analytics 4 enables business owners, to access the same information they would have received from Google Analytics 3 even without turning to additional tools. But make sure you Hire SEO Agency that can help you implement the Google Analytics 4 in the best possible manner.

Why Should You Switch to Google Analytics 4?

In today’s measurement landscape, businesses need to navigate new challenges. Here comes the role of Google Analytics 4 which was introduced to address the complex challenges such as understanding the business demand, multi-perform journeys of the customers, prioritizing user privacy, and many more and help businesses to succeed. Simply put, Google Analytics 4 is a modern measurement solution that is featured the flexibility to measure different kinds of data resulting in delivering a strong analytics experience to help businesses keep up with a changing ecosystem. So, if you are a business owner it is time for you to make Google Analytics 4 your cross-platform analytics solution that comes with several Google Analytics Tools to help you analyze the full impact of your marketing across the customer journey.

5 Powerful Features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is jam-packed with effective features that will help you know an instant status of your website’s health, mishaps, and opportunities. So, make sure you have enabled some of the best Google Analytics features by leaving opportunities from optimization on the table.

Now look at five powerful features of Google Analytics that you should use:

1. Multiple Platform Accessibility

Google Analytics 4 can be effectively accessible on multiple platforms even without depending on cookies. It ensures the users that they will get the best services along with keeping their privacy intact. It is because Google Analytics 4 fully depends on first-party cookies specially designed as privacy-centric to help business owners generate marketing results and other quality services.

2. Deeper Integration with Google Ads

Google Analytics 4 can also be integrated with Google Ads which will allow you to use data from Google Analytics 4 to build custom audiences that are more relevant and helpful to your customers no matter how they interact with your business. In addition, Google Analytics 4 is also featured with “addresses longtime advertiser requests” that will enable you to track conversations from YouTube.

3.Event-Based Data Model

Unlike the Universal Analytics which utilized a session-based model, Google Analytics 4 uses an event-based data model that can effectively record the user interaction on the website as a categorized to Automated event, Enhanced Measurement event, Custom event, and Recommended event that allows businesses acquire a specific report on the data.

4.Smarter Marketing Insights Using Machine Learning

Google has implemented its advanced machine learning in Google Analytics 4 resulting in automatically detecting trends in your data and then alerting you about it. It simply means that Google Analytics 4 is capable enough to predict user behavior and action that will enable you to plan. Moreover, Google is continuously working on adding predictive metrics in Google Analytics 4 to create audiences and run several analyses.

5.Personalized User Interface

Google Analytics 4 has come up with an improved and easy-to-navigate user interface. For instance, the dashboard of Google Analytics 4 is highly customizable that can be personalized by considering the specific needs and preferences of the users In addition, the “insight” section of the dashboards can effectively show you an analysis based on what are the activities that you frequently perform on the platform. Now if you look at the home page, you can see two options such as “recently viewed” and “because you viewed frequently” that will enable you to access your past and frequent activities easily.


There is no denying the fact that Google Analytics 4 is on the track to be more powerful than Universal Analytics which results in providing more relevant data about why users are using your site or app. This new and improved GA4 is essentially a re-architecture of the platform loved by everyone. So, if you are still using Universal Analytics, now it is time for you to switch to the latest Google Analytics version to ensure multiple benefits for your business by utilizing its powerful features. But make sure you hire the best Digital Marketing Company India that can help you make your transformation from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 an easy one.

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